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Founder Petr Dorosh

The sales force works effectively only when it is properly managed.
(c)Petr Dorosh
founder Petr Dorosh
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Sales Manager
Head of Sales Department
Territorial manager
National manager/
sales coach
Consulting company
25+ successful cases
25+ successful cases
Консалтиновая компания
National manager, sales trainer
Территориальный менеджер
Руководитель отдела продаж
Sales Manager
16 years of experience developing active sales in the field of b2b
Trained more than 4000 sales managers
Progressed from sales manager to national manager
By personal example, I show business owners how to manage personnel
I increase sales in companies
25+ successful cases

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Building a sales department
Implementation of CPM systems
Development and implementation of sales scripts
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Skin pripriyemets early to come to the point, if for business development it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis, audit of the processes and z’yasuvati key growth points. For this reason, the Vlasniki come to help us.

Mi – consulting company SALES&MANAGEMENT, to help small and medium-sized businesses to carry out a comprehensive re-engineering of the business process and increase profits at least 30% earlier in 2 months of work.

Mi is a company with a credit certificate, for which 40+ successful cases have been implemented for the crisis of 2020.

We are a team of proven salespeople who, not in theory, but in practice, confirm the effectiveness of the tools that are being used.

Mission and Value

Our consulting companypoklikana to forgive the life of the masters of small and medium business and show how easy and effective it is to be able to work together with clients in this way , in order to maintain a steady increase in sales. What are you doing?

  • we automate the business process through the implementation of the CRM system;
  • expanding sales scenarios;
  • promoting effective marketing strategies;
  • we connect telephony and analyze the work of managers;
  • searching, hiring and training staff;
  • training line staff: training and training as part of the implementation of CPM, telephone connection and script development;
  • we conduct seminars and training for TOP-certifiers.

So, the author’s management methods allow you to effectively develop an effective communication system in the middle of the company and to point the helpers to achieve high results.

Is it a leather business?

Sales – the system is clearly motivated, the number of successful lands, the conversion and the increase in the income to fall, depending on how much the system of interaction is correctly motivated. І our main goal is that we not only tell you “how to sell correctly”, but we conduct a comprehensive audit of your business process and fully assess it, we will add it to the points.

After all, we form a team and select a business analyst, integrator, scriptologist and marketer. These are professionals who come into your business and start working on improving yoga efficiency. We give working tools and the result is just the same, if our expertise in sales is superimposed on your professionalism. For a stretch of 2 months, we can practically do it as a single goal, but all our tools will not bring their effectiveness.

Why mi?

Leather consulting agency calls itself the best. We will not be unfounded, even better our clients and partners can say for us. A good report to management – consulting support of companies, knowledge of special anti-crisis programs, methods of effective financial management, implementation of modern adaptation of management systems – all this gives a result in numbers, as our clients have helped. We are aimed at those who will support successful business development by providing professional services that are based on knowledge, dosvid that information.